Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Assalamualaikum...here i am :)) I just want to share about my feeling towards this guy..he's totally make

 me confuse what he was doing...Sometimes i feel i was played by him :(
He always ignore my message,,not like the begining of this love story,he always text me,call me...but

 now he just waiting for my calling..He doesn't care about me...

So i want to say i don't know he's the RIGHT or FALSE person to me...after what he did to me,i just let

 this destiny matter to ALLAH's hands...and all HIS power not mine...

All my friends said not to trust him so much,just give a slow feeling..not to put a high hope onto him..

Even his cousin said the same things to me "not to trust him so much"

 Now i just waiting he text me first..i want him to persuade me :'(

I hope he love me as i love him..but not to love me more than his love to ALLAH...

I want to be with him forever hereafter,InsyaAllah..